Specializing in Work-at-Home & Hybrid Environments

Specializing in Work-at-Home & Hybrid Environments

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Employee Engagement, Retention,

Performance and Operational Efficiencies


Employee Engagement, Retention,

Performance and Operational Efficiencies

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The Virtual Live Labs™ Difference 

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Serving Both Internal and BPO Organizations

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satisfaction and increased sales, while seeing reductions in employee retention and absenteeism.

Vicki is also the author of ‘The Leadership Toolbox - Manage Less Achieve More,’ a book about her experience running virtual/work-at-home and brick & mortar contact center organizations from 200 to 2000+ people across industries ranging from consumer technology, education, automotive, cosmetics, nutrition and other consumer products. Her book showcases a set of leadership tools have been vetted by thousands of employees and offer a proven approach for helping informal and formal leaders quickly increase leadership skills to cultivate high employee engagement and accountability. These tools offer fun, engaging and practical applications that can transform organizations into top performing organizations where employees love coming to work, are highly engaged and help move the organization forward.

Recognized as a subject-matter expert on virtual/work-at-home environments and leadership development, Vicki Brackett has written for and been interviewed by Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune Magazine, CFO Magazine, CEOWorld, HR News, CIO Magazine, Training Magazine, Diversity Women, Houston Women, ICMI, Help Desk International and a host of other publications, news outlets and podcasts on creative work-at-home and employee engagement strategies.

Vicki has spent almost two decades transforming contact centers into thriving virtual/work-at-home environments that achieve stellar performance and high employee satisfaction. She is the Founder and President of Virtual Live Labs™. Today, employees in the virtual/work-at-home environment are struggling with the feeling of being disconnected from their managers.  At the same time, managers are struggling with employee engagement and accountability. Virtual Live Labs™ help organizations navigate a Virtual First™ environment helping leaders re-engineer how they lead in a virtual/work-at-home environment. Utilizing specialized Virtual First Tools™ inside Virtual Live Labs™, organizations see increased employee engagement and productivity, higher customer

Creator of Virtual Live Labs™


What are Virtual Live Labs?


Employee Engagement, Retention,

Performance and Operational Efficiencies

Here's why supervisors are struggling in the work-at-home environment that negatively impacts KPIs.


·      Quickly identify gaps and then prioritize initiatives that can happen more quickly.

·      Identify and drive initiatives that don’t need an influx of capital to drive.

·      Develop process improvements to drive operational efficiencies impacting performance             and costs.

·      Create a “Success Roadmap” for your organization so you are optimized for the work-at-           home or hybrid environments to impact your bottom line.

·      Develop a “Success Plan” for your seasonal surges, and product launches.

·      Prepare for the unexpected so your organization is ready for anything.

·      Help your leaders develop work-at-home/hybrid environment leadership strategies.

·      Infuse new leadership skills for their new environment.

·      Evolve leaders to become active leaders instead of being reactionary to what’s happening         in the organization/team.

·      Increases in employee retention

·      More employee engagement that drives performance

·      Faster new agent speed to competency

·      Higher test/quiz scores in new hire, nesting and continuing education

·      Increased productivity/Utilization

·      Meet or exceed staffing requirements

·      Higher customer service satisfaction scores

·      Lower absenteeism, creating leadership and operational efficiencies

·      Build out the leadership bench

·      More top line revenue

·      Increased bottom line contribution




Your Competitive



A Chain Reaction

of Success

Here's what our customers are saying

“There was a tremendous impact on our team and we realized very positive results in a short period of time.”

- Senior Director, North America

“I believe that anyone that gets the opportunity to get this type of support will see tremendous results and learn more than ever expected.”

- Senior Global Vendor Manager

“Turned a site from complete failure into a success delivering some star metrics.”

- Director, North America

"We were able to quickly develop processes and communication flow that improved our level of customer service and maximized the effective use of our resources."

- Director, North America

Virtual Live Labs™

  • Weekly Learning Forums

  • Hosted Over a 30-day Period

  • Breakthroughs Reported Weekly

Examples of Our Learning Forums

  • Walk the Virtual Floor and Engage

  • Employees Build A Positive Chain Reaction

  • Duplicate Your Efforts to Move Faster

  • Get Your Team Motivated To Be Accountable

  • How To Gain Visibility On The Virtual Floor

  • Get Your Point Across Faster and Inspire Momentum

Breakthroughs from our Virtual Live Labs™

  • More Employee Engagement and Accountability

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

  • Increase Employee Productivity

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction & Sales

How We Can Help You

Virtual Live Labs™
Combining Interactive Consulting and Leadership Development


Accelerating Employee Engagement, Retention, Performance

and Operational Efficiencies

  • Innovative and Interactive On-the-Job Leadership Development

  • Training for Front-line Supervisors to Directors 

  • Consulting, Process Improvement, Change Management

  • Road Maps

  • Executive Strategy Sessions 

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