A crisis cycle is happening within work-at-home environments that is severely impacting the bottom line. There is a way to prevent and even turn the crisis around. Watch this video to learn more...


70% of employees feel disconnected from their job and managers

are struggling with employee engagement and accountability

in the work-at-home environment

This leads to low retention, absenteeism, low productivity and missed KPIs

In Today’s Environment - The Way We Manage Has To Change

Virtual Live Labs™ 

We Re-Engineer How Organizations Navigate a Virtual First™ Environment

Our Virtual Live Labs™ yield increased employee engagement and 

productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and increased sales. 

Virtual Live Labs™

  • Weekly Learning Forums

  • Hosted Over a 30-day Period

  • Breakthroughs Reported Weekly

Some of Learning Forums

  • Walk the Virtual Floor and Engage

  • Employees Build A Positive Chain Reaction

  • Duplicate Your Efforts to Move Faster

  • Get Your Team Motivated To Be Accountable

  • How To Gain Visibility On The Virtual Floor

  • Get Your Point Across Faster and Inspire Momentum

Breakthroughs from our Virtual Live Labs™

  • More Employee Engagement and Accountability

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

  • Increase Employee Productivity

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction & Sales

Learn more about how to customize your Virtual Live Labs™