Our passion is to help organizations re-engineer how they navigate the virtual/work-at-home environment.  Our Virtual Live Labs™ are designed to help leaders drive change easily within their teams and increase employee engagement and accountability, productivity, customer satisfaction and sales, while reducing absenteeism and attrition.

Current open position: Virtual Live Labs™ Facilitator


Each of our Virtual Live Labs™ help participants learn how to cultivate a new level self-accountability, new skillsets and increased professional maturity. We do this with no traditional online classrooms, no workbooks and no homework. People learn through experience, working with their teams, right inside the Virtual Live Labs™.  For this reason our Facilitators need to have specific skills.


As we continue to expand, Virtual Live Labs™ is accepting candidate inquiries for Facilitators to lead our Virtual Live Labs™. All positions are remote. Our requirements include, but are not limited to:


  • Experience as a strong leader, leading a team of people inside a virtual/work-at-home environment.

  • Proven track record of presenting in a virtual/work at home environment with a strong camera/video presence.

  • Ability to utilize personal emotional intelligence to connect and communicate with people in a virtual/work-at-home environment.

  • Ability to meet people individually where they are in their professional development, since people in a group setting do not learn the same way or at the same pace.

  • Strong work ethic.  Willing to go the extra mile for people inside our organization and with our customers.

  • Collaborator. Ability to work with others on projects while keeping personal egos to a minimum. Team player.

  • Able to analyze problems and strategize for better solutions. We believe it’s not “if” but “how” we achieve excellence.

  • Ability to quickly learn a new systematic and methodical approach, utilizing specific leadership tools that our Virtual Live Labs™ are based on.

  • Ability to articulate a track record of leadership, team building and management skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills with all levels of management.

  • Excellent written communications skills.

  • Organized and able to prioritize job responsibilities.

  • Strong project management skills.

  • Ability and enthusiasm to learn new technology that drives results.


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