Virtual Live Labs™ - Case Studies

How an Organization Re-engineered Processes to

Navigate Change in a Virtual/Work-at-Home Environment


Due to the inefficiencies of the internal help desk, supervisors in a 650-seat virtual/work-at-home technical support contact center were tasked with internal help desk duties in addition to their regular duties.

Low agent utilization and lost agent coaching

time had a direct effect on customer service

satisfaction scores and labor costs. This

company needed assistance in re-engineering

how their leaders navigated a Virtual First™

environment. Utilizing Virtual First™ Tools, new

strategies for the internal help desk, along with a new way to tackle projects quickly, and consistent communication with the virtual operations floor were needed to reverse this trend.

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organizations needed to increase customer service satisfaction scores (CSATs) very quickly. Utilizing Virtual First™ Tools, they were able to engage employees and decrease absenteeism and attrition while increasing CSATs.  The organization won back their contract and increased their bottom line contribution.

Company Losing Millions of Dollars Needs to Increase Employee Engagement to Drive Change and

Employee Performance

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With hundreds of jobs and a multi-million dollar contract on the line, these

How a Company Tapped into Their Number One Asset

to Hit Sales Target

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A sales development company hired by an education company to qualify leads Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., received an
unexpected request five months into the six-month trial.
They would now be required to work weekends as well.
Rather than leadership taking charge and rearranging
schedules from the top, they utilized a Virtual First™
Tools. Front-line agents became more engaged, worked
together to develop a plan to meet the client’s demands
and win an extension on their contract.