A ‘Moment of Truth’ that cements a customer relationship comes from spontaneity

Most of us have had moments of truth with companies across multiple products and services that we use. These moments, according to McKinsey who created the term, are when companies earn trust and loyalty from a customer following an interaction.

Many companies who think about these moments with their customers focus on saying the right words at the expense of how they are said and by whom. How often have we had a customer service representative say something like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry that (you can fill in the blank)’ that feels like it is being prompted and read from a computer screen. Most often, unfortunately, it is.

A recent analysis we performed (multivariate regression to determine overall customer satisfaction) using the CSAT scores from two companies leads us to believe that over 70% of what drives a successful outcome is the way a person feels they were treated on the phone.

Our belief is that companies who hire the right people need to script less and empower more. The right agents use talk-tracks to augment and enhance their interaction with the customer; they don’t read meaningless words on a screen. We believe the right customer service professionals will spontaneously offer a level of service because it comes from instinct, not just instruction.