“Hybrid” Team Structure can pay Huge Dividends in your Virtual/Work at Home Contact Centers

Creating “Hybrid” Self-Directed Teams in your contact center not only increase productivity, customer service satisfaction scores, sales conversion and employee satisfaction scores, they can also decrease your absenteeism, attrition and work avoidance while Advisors are logged in.

Here’s WHY these “Hybrid” Self-Directed Contact Center Teams work:

1. Self-directed teams get them to connect with other advisors throughout the day. Agents get lonely working at home and get virtual shock! With self-directed teams, Agents can connect emotionally with others which gives them that “brick and mortar feeling.” This feeling makes them much happier at work.

2. Self-directed teams allow leaders and other team members to “see” prospective leaders. It can be a challenge to “see” the right leadership qualities in Advisors in a virtual/work at home environment. Advisors will gravitate toward these types of duties and take the lead among their peers. The entire team watches this Advisor “rise to the top” in the team and will help them to get a promotion.

3. Self-Directed Teams increase leadership skills in up and coming leaders and get them more prepared to move into a management position. This concept gives Agents the opportunity to use leadership skills and see the result right in their own team. It doesn’t take lots of time off the phone for these Advisors. Most of what they do can be done between calls.

4. Self-Directed Teams help a first level manager learn how to manage through others. One of the hardest jumps on the corporate ladder is from a first level manager to a second level manager. They have proven they can coach, mentor and motivate an advisor, but to teach another person to do that and duplicate themselves – that’s a different story. Self-directed teams, gives a first level leader time to practice this new skill over and over. This makes the next jump on the ladder much easier.

What is a “Hybrid” Self-Directed Team?

It’s a group of people, who combine different skills and talents to work without the “usual” contact center managerial supervision toward a common purpose or goal. And yes, it can work wonders in the virtual/at home environment – without a lot of time off the phones.

How do “Hybrid” Self-Directed Teams work in a Virtual/Work at Home Contact Center?

Team members:

· Have responsibility delivering a service to the team.

· Share both managerial and operational responsibilities

· Have accountability for the team's output

· Collaborate on a specific project

· Share knowledge with the team

· Learn from team members

Creating “Hybrid” Self-Directed Teams in your contact center – whether traditional brick and mortar or virtual/work at home environment can reap huge dividends in your KPIs and bottom line. These programs can keep your organization happier, more productive, more profitable and ready to grow!