The ‘How’ of creating an adaptable workplace that can rapidly respond to change

Change can be difficult in business. Which is why so many leaders and organizations avoid it. But without change, organizations can’t keep pace with evolving market demands. How companies deal with change is a key to driving the outcomes that keeps business profitable.

Here are three leadership tools to help companies manage change:

1. Have your leaders keep their egos in check. It’s important managers are not uncomfortable when employees question how things are done internally. Employees are in the trenches and can save companies time and money when they are listened to.

2. Challenge your employees to always ask why. Companies have existing ways to accomplish task and do other key business functions. By allowing employees to ask why and challenge the company to do things better, gaps in processes are identified more quickly. During this process, leaders also have an opportunity to identify future leaders and mentor employees to develop additional skill sets.

3. Develop processes that allow employees to plug the gap. By encouraging employees to test out their solutions to the new process in a limited capacity, they become engaged in the business. When they have a stake in the success of something they helped to develop, they will drive it and own the outcome.