Three dangerous assumptions when ramping up for seasonal surges

Ramp-ups for seasonal surges and product launches can bring teams to their knees if they aren’t sufficiently prepared. Here are three mistakes that will kill your ramp-up success:

1. Assuming all new front-line leaders can effectively coach new agents. All leadership is not created equal. Some managers struggle with how to help new advisors with their productivity ramp, while other managers can help new agents hit their stride much quicker. Organizations need to identify the leaders that can take on new roles quickly and connect them with others that need additional assistance and guidance through those new rough waters.

2. Assuming your normal nesting and production processes will work. Things move fast during seasonal surges, and there can be a lot of change. Make sure that your leadership is flexible to respond to these changes and can analyze and regroup to handle anything that comes up. Embrace the change mindset. Changes are normal when your center capacity is expanding quickly.

3. Assuming your normal frequency of communication will be sufficient. Communicate all the changes to your team so everyone knows what’s going on. Employees tend to take their eye off the ball when they aren’t given regular updates. More updates, more praise, more recognition, more time with your team, and more contests and activities will help to get your team excited. When it’s fun and the team likes where they are, most employees will push through the ramp-up.