Our Services

At Virtual Live Labs    we provide innovative strategies, cutting edge leadership development training and executive coaching that help companies re-engineer how they lead work-at-home and hybrid contact center organizations.  Results include:  


  • Higher Employee Engagement 

  • Higher Productivity and Utilization 

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction and Sales Conversion 

  • Better Performance on other KPIs 

  • Increase in Employee Retention 

  • Lower Recruiting, On-Boarding, Training and Nesting Costs 


Innovative and Interactive On-the-Job Leadership Development Training for

Front-line Supervisors to Directors.   

  • Consulting, including Road Maps

  • Executive Strategy Sessions 


Virtual Live Labs   is an innovative approach to leadership development training for Front-line Leaders, Assistant Contact Center Managers, Contact Center Managers, Operations Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Nesting Leadership and Directors.


We incorporate new Virtual First   leadership tools that are utilized with real business challenges so leaders are learning while they are working in their current positions and with their teams – right in the Virtual Live Labs  . No online classes, no videos, no workbooks, no homework, no quizzes. Your leaders don’t have to stop their jobs to start hitting business objectives. Leaders are gaining skills, while doing their job.



“It’s unbelievable what’s been accomplished in a short period of time.Your team is amazing at what you all bring to the table.I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

-Director – World Wide Operations


Examples of Virtual Live Labs 

Programs hosted over 30 Days

  • 30-Day Quick Start, Blueprint and Work-at-Home Roadmap

Our most popular starter Virtual Live Labs   Program – the 4 foundation Virtual First  Leadership Tools, a current blueprint of where your organization is at in the work-at-home journey. Also includes a step by step roadmap, based on your goals on exactly what's needed to re-engineer your organization. Be able to navigate and thrive in a work-at-home environment and  “achieve best in class” performance results! 

  • Implementing Change

Program has 4 Virtual First   Leadership tools and is navigated real-time as your organization is driving a change in process, technology launch/upgrade or organization structure.  Includes our Enhanced Coaching and Communication Feedback Loop.

  • Getting ready for a Holiday Ramp-Up, Product Ramp-up or Seasonal Surge

Program helps navigate your organization to get ready for a ramp-up. We help you navigate real-time during strategy, prep and through a ramp-up, right in the Virtual Live Lab. Includes 4 Virtual First   Leadership tools, Enhanced Coaching and Communication Feedback Loop.

  • Building a Robust Leadership Bench without Increasing Labor Costs (real time).

Program gets an organization “growth ready” for ramp-up or growth. Includes 4 Virtual  

First    Leadership Tools, Enhanced Coaching, Communication Feedback Loop.  Also included are creative team structures tailored to your organization that help new leaders and pseudo leadership be ready to lead their own team.

  • For your Human Resources organization - Being a Collaborative and Supportive Organization so that the Contact Center Organization is begging you to get involved from strategy to execution.

Program tailored exclusively for your human resources department. This Virtual Live Lab Program consists of 4 Virtual First   Leadership tools and creative pro-active strategies to be a real resource partner for your work-at-home/virtual contact center organization. Current HR support blueprint and future work-at-home Roadmap to become an intricate part of the virtual contact center organization instead of being the “contact center’s disaster “fix-it stop.”


Each Virtual Live Lab consists of 4 Weekly Learning Forums.

Each week we integrate a Virtual First   Tool that gives your team what they need to hit company goals and objectives.

Examples of some of the Weekly Learning Forums


Experience the Breakthroughs from our Virtual Live Labs  

  • More Employee Engagement and Accountability

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

  • Increase Employee Productivity

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction & Sales

  • Increased Agent Speed to Competency

  • More Successful Ramp-ups Less Stress to the Operations Floor and faster speed to competency

  • Eastern technology implementation - Everyone on the Same Page while Maintaining KPIs

  • Excitement and Buy-In on the Virtual Operations Floor while Implementing Changes

  • Higher revenue and profitability for BPOs

  • Better communication that increases agent utilization and productivity

Consulting - for both Internal Contact Center and BPO organizations. Two options: 



Assistance with strategies in moving organizations forward. How to better utilize current technology.  How to drive change with no interruptions in performance. Provide customized road map to help you evolve your work-at-home or hybrid organization.

Executive Strategy Session Participation

A member of our team can join your executive strategy session to answer your questions, talk about best practices and offer strategies to help you move forward.  Your organization can be a thriving contact center organization that drives employee engagement, productivity and performance. 



​Examples of Consulting Engagements

  • Look at the differences in leadership styles between work-at-home and hybrid contact centers and the traditional brick and mortar model. 


  • Executive strategy can help your organization immediately without spending additional money on technology. You can have an organization that engages employees and achieves more productivity and performance from front-line supervisors and employees to improve bottom line results. 


  • Strategies to implement change – process changes and technology launches. Keeping everyone on the same page, keeps productivity up and minimize loss of employee utilization, while making changes. 


  • How to utilize current leadership at all levels, and empower them with new skills that can be implemented immediately to improve results (saving sourcing, recruiting and training dollars, as well as apprehension within the organization). 


  • New communication strategies for executives that produce higher employee engagement and excitement, better productivity and performance while lowering absenteeism and attrition. 


  • Strategies that will drive successful holiday and product ramp-ups without mass pandemonium and lost employee confidence in leadership.  


  • Growth strategies that also plan for contingencies. 


  • Strategies on how to turnaround current contact center operations to thrive in the work-at-home and hybrid models. 


  • Improve performance to capitalize on BPO invoice bonus opportunities. Reduce penalties in BPO organizations.


  • How to utilize economies of scale in growing contact center work-at-home and hybrid organizations. 


  • Creative innovative organizational structures that perform and thrive in work-at-home and hybrid contact center models to reduce labor costs. 

“This would have exploded if I had not had the opportunity to get help to turn this around.Your knowledge of business and people turned a virtual site from complete failure into a success”

SVP – Global Operations