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“We were able to quickly developed processes and communication flows that improved our level of customer service and maximized the effective use of our resources.  

- Global Vice President

Leaders tell us:

"At the end of the day, I have tried it all.

So what makes Virtual Live Labs™ difference?"

  • Virtual Live Labs™ is INTERACTIVE

       It has on-the-job training - meaning that leaders, at whatever level they are at - are working on current               business challenges or working with their direct reports utilizing new leadership tools and cutting-edge             strategies right in the Virtual Live Labs™.


      There’s no boring online classes, no dated workbooks, no quizzes. Leaders don’t have to stop their jobs             to start hitting business objectives. Leaders are gaining skills, while doing their job. 


       Your leaders become active leaders, they learn to break down challenges, coordinate viable solutions             across teams, driving operational excellence and YES... Execute! - Achieving results that can be


So what does this look like?

  • Less surprises, less fires, leaders get in front of challenges.

  • Leaders are less reactionary and more proactive.             

  • Employees jump on board. They have confidence in leadership and feel heard, valued  and are engaged.

  • The organization is nimble and can respond to changing market conditions.

what is the ROI?

  • Reduced absenteeism and attrition

  • Increased employee engagement and productivity

  • Higher customer satisfaction and profits

Productive teams, active leaders,

happy customers, more profit. 

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“Turned a site from complete failure into a success delivering some star metrics.” 

 - VP Global Accounts