Work-at-Home Strategies

At Virtual Live Labs™ our mission is to help organizations re-engineer their contact center organizations so they can navigate the work-at-home and hybrid environments. Today, over 70% of employees feel disconnected from their managers and managers are struggling with employee engagement, accountability, productivity and performance.


You don’t have to hire a brand-new leadership team!  Your current Front-Line leaders, Assistant Contact Center Managers, Quality Assurance Leaders, Trainers, Contact Center Managers and Directors just need new Virtual First™ Leadership Tools and innovative strategies to reach their goals.  When that happens, organizations see:​​

  • Increases in Employee Engagement

  • Increases in Employee Productivity/Utilization

  • Increases in Customer Satisfaction and            First-Call Resolution

  • Increases in Sales Conversion

  • Increases in Employee Retention

  • Reduced Absenteeism


Here are some free video resources on a variety of topics that we have put together to assist leaders at all levels so they can thrive in the work-at-home and hybrid environments. 

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Employee Engagement and Motivation

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Managing Remote Teams

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Career Development

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Building Work-at-Home Culture

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HR Strategies for Contact Centers

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